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Mahjong Memoirs is a lovely mahjong game with two different modes
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Mahjong Memoirs is a lovely mahjong game in which you must match identical tiles to clear them from the board. Like in all games of this genre, the objective is to clear the entire board to complete a level. Also, only tiles that are not covered by other tiles and have at least one open side can be selected. If you are a beginner you can enable the option "show free tiles" to make the game easier. Also, if you get stuck or need help you can use the undo, shuffle, or hint features, but be careful because if you use them in Endless mode, you will lose points for using them. The game includes 7 different tile suits, but any tiles from the season and flowers suit can be matched even if they are not identical. If you are an advanced player and want to make the game even more challenging, you can match tiles in order to complete the sequence (for instance, all numbers in order from 1 to nine).

What is more, the game includes two modes: Endless and Story. In story mode, you play the games in order while you unlock a romantic story. In endless mode, you can choose what game you wish to play and you earn points with every match you make. And if you earn enough points, you'll receive the coveted three stars rating on that level. This mode also has tons of unlockable content like tilesets, backgrounds, and music tracks. There are lots of ways of making extra points such as combos, badges, and even completing sequences. There are also a few special types of matches that will earn you bonus points.

Regarding the graphics, they are very colorful and very cute. Sound effects are excellent and the music is lovely and very pleasant. In short, Mahjong Memoirs is an excellent mahjong game that has everything you need to keep you playing for a while and which will surely attract many fans of this game.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two modes
  • Lovely graphics and music
  • Lots of bonuses and unlockable content
  • Cute story


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